Portraiture Gallery

“I love to paint traditional portraits that enhance the beauty of the subject with rich color and light.
My process involves client participation from the initial design to the last brush stroke. This assures you will be pleased with the likeness and the overall painting once it is finished. I want to create an original work of art for you that will become a treasured family possession for generations to come.

A narrative portrait is a fun and imaginative way of capturing a subject’s personality as well as their physical likeness. The portrait can tell a story about who they are as a unique person, their passions, hopes, dreams, and imagination. This is especially valuable for depictions of children because they grow and change so quickly both inside and out.

In the portrait titled: Andy’s Dream, for example, Andy wears the same costume and toy sword that he wore during his daily pretend play. I depicted Andy in his own imaginary world of castles and dragons. Andy has already put away his imaginary toys for more grown-up interests. But his portrait will always remind Andy’s parents of their many treasured memories as they watched their little boy play.