Shawnee Cathedral

Learning About the Great Spirit, Waashaa Monetoo – 18th Century

 Woodland Indians called the vast wilderness of the Eastern United States home. They believed they were a part of nature – not separate or at odds with it.  Consequently, they couldn’t understand the white man’s concept of ownership. They considered the land and all plants and animals a gift from Waashaa Monetoo the great and good spirit – to be used wisely and well so they could pass it on to future generations. Consequently, they took only what the needed.

It’s hard to believe it’s taken us until the 21st century just to start embracing this concept!

In the 18th century Native Americans were looked upon as savages. It seems to me that Woodland Indians were ahead of their time while others were savagely destroying life in the pursuit of “civilization”.

20 x 16 Oil