The Fort Ancient culture existed in the Ohio Valley from 1000 – 1750. These Native Americans loved to create ornaments to adorn themselves just like we do today when we wear jewelry. But theirs were often made from bird bones, antler, snail or fresh water shells. Even the clay pottery they used every day were decorated with beautiful designs they created themselves.

Archeologists have excavated and recovered many artifacts from Native American burial sites located near the Little Miami River in Southwest Ohio. The ornaments and clay vessel depicted are some of the many artifacts that have been found there.

Native American women and girls labored very hard each day to survive. Yet I have to believe, even though they lived centuries ago, a mother and daughter would have occasionally shared affectionate moments together just as mothers and daughters do today. On a warm summer day, they are surrounded by nature’s own kind of adornments. A prothonotary warbler, marsh wren and water lilies add spots of color to the earthy greens and browns of a wetland that existed long ago.


20″x16″ Oil