Choctawhatchee Wetland, Florida – 18th Century

The inspiration for this painting was the ancient and beautiful creation story of the Creek Indian Nation – told to me by one of their elders when I met him in his ancient homeland, the Choctawhatchee Wetland of Florida.

There are three main characters in the story: Logee the Turtle, Fuco the Duck and Water Turkey (Anhinga). Can you find them hidden in the painting? Native Americans deeply respected nature and all living things. Starting at an early age, they passed this and other life lessons on to their children through stories.

The Indians considered The Ivorybill Woodpecker especially sacred. Another ancient story tells of a little boy who discovered an Ivorybill in the swamp creating sounds by blowing air through a hollow reed. The little boy took the reed back to his village and showed his people what the woodpecker had taught him. It is said that this is how the Indians discovered music.

14 x 11 Oil