Two Woodland Hunters

Ohio Valley – 18th Century

Today we are so used to buying food at the grocery that most of us no longer know how to live off the land. We are detached from nature.

Native Americans believed they were just one part of nature. David Zeisberger, a missionary who lived with the Indians, said “They can go on a journey for many days in the forest where there is neither path nor trail, without getting lost. It is as if nature had fixed a compass in there heads. Though creeks and rivers are often swollen and progress is difficult they know what to do when white men would be at their wits end. In the company of Indians one may be sure not to be lost nor suffer starvation.”

The woodlands and waters were nature’s “grocery” furnishing an abundant supply of wholesome, nourishing food to the Indians and all the woodland creatures.

Can you find the second hunter in this picture?

20 x 16 Oil